Common Foot Problems

Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails are generally caused by poor nail-cutting technique, abnormal nail shape or poorly fitted footwear.

What are the symptoms of an ingrowing toenail?

Early on, the skin around the ingrowing nail may become reddened and feel slightly tender. If it progresses and becomes infected, it may become more swollen, red and painful. If the infection gets worse, there may be some yellow or green fluid (pus) oozing from around the nail. It will become even more painful and there may be an overgrowth of skin around the nail.

What is the treatment for an ingrowing toenail?

Ingrowing toenails are usually treated by a qualified foot specialist.

Prevention of ingrown toenails

Ways of avoiding ingrown toenails include:

  • Do not cut nails into the corners – this can leave a spike of nail that can embed itself into or irritate the flesh next to the nail. If you do have to cut your toenails into the corners, make sure that a nail spike is not left behind.
  • Make sure that you and your children wear shoes that fit properly.

We offer a unique and very effective brace technique for ingrown toenails!

Our Podofix brace technique method consists of a brace constructed to fit the curved plate exactly. At one selected point a minute adjustment- a slight bend is made to the brace and it is fitted to the nail plate. As the nail plate is weaker than the stainless steel wire, the nail plate conforms to the brace. In the months that follow, a series of adjustments are made and almost imperceptibly the curvature decreases.

You don't have to suffer from ingrown toenails!

Call us for an affordable, effective and painless corrective treatment!



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